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Found Heaven

Yes, I enjoy stalking monkeys, and what can I say, they have fun posing for me. So here, enjoy some awesome monkey shots.

Looking for something…

Caught in deep thoughts
Could’t believe the story
Laugh at my jokes
Chilling with a view
Being cool
Making a mess



This mom and her baby boy were very special, I had not seen such a bond before. That made me follow their path while they just lived their monkey lives. There is so much emotions in the shots that I got from my time with them. You’ll find much similarities with ours. I think my friends would particularly laugh at one of the shot and call the similarity with the out of control “duck face”.
I dare you to find it!

Banana Gooness

The monkey’s focus on peeling off his banana in this shot is truly powerful. I might add more pictures of him late down because the way he’s stuffing the banana in the next shot is pretty epic. Worth a print vibe. Should I add more? Do you wan to see more silliness?
Message me to give your feedback!

Precious coconut

Inide the batu caves – SelangorMalaysia

He looked very attached to his coconut. How cute!
If he wasn’t sitting on top of a trashcan he’d be so huggable. No? Right, he’d probably try to steal your camera, earrings – talking from experience – though I was lucky the monkey in question was quite gentle, I was lucky to keep my earring & my ear intact. Lucky me! Definetly bewear that the curiosity is mutual of what you are willing to leave to those cuties.


Juicy Mango

Hanuman Statue  Temple – Batu Caves SelangorMalaysia

I have close to 50 pic of this guy eating this mango, looks like it was a good mango. Good for him. This dude really put on a show for me. I think he had as good of a time as I did. I’m dedicating him his own page. Should I give him a name? message me your suggestion!

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