Julie Pascault

5+ Years in
Web Development
& Digital Marketing

French – English

Julie Pascault

My enthusiasm lies in photography and travel, while professionally, I thrive on diving into code. With expertise in web development and digital marketing, my objective is to deliver tailored strategies encompassing implementation, execution, and analysis. Collaborating with talented professionals, I strive to offer top-tier expertise aimed at engaging specific audiences. The success of our stakeholders is my ultimate source of pride.


To quickly review my educational background and professional history, please download my resume.


My Domain of Expertise

With more than half a decade of hands-on involvement in web development and digital marketing, I’ve collaborated with a diverse range of professionals on a global scale. Together, our efforts have successfully captivated target audiences spanning across 50+ countries, delivering compelling messages in over 15 languages to drive impactful outcomes.

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Web development
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Digital Marketing
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Global Audiences

Web Development

Digital Marketing


The Nature of My Work

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Advocates, doctors, designers,
entrepreneurs; I work & collaborate with professionals from all fields.

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My stakeholders and target
audiences are present across
50+ countries.

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To reach key populations, we
distribute messages in over 15+

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I design personalized strategies, leveraging relevant channels to effectively engage with distinct demographics.

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Among our target audiences, challenges such as low internet access, social stigma, income instability, and diverse literacy levels are prevalent. Identifying and addressing these pain points is crucial for effective outreach

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We conduct analyses to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital marketing initiatives. Based on the insights gathered, we implement the necessary adjustments to enhance the strategy as needed.


"It has been an absolute delight working with Julie on my website. She has continually impressed me with her work ethic, drive, and dedication. She treated my website as if it was her own–with care and an enormous amount of creativity."

Neil Evan Bhatia
CEO, lobbyingdata.com


Julie Pascault

Los Angeles, CA